Progressive Democrat for Assessor Fritz Kaegi carries countywide momentum into Election Day


CHICAGO (March 20, 2018)—Campaigning since May of 2017 to bring fairness, ethics, and transparency to the Cook County Assessor’s office, progressive Democrat Fritz Kaegi heads into Election Day with clear momentum.

Beginning the race as a virtual unknown, Kaegi has garnered widespread political support from all corners of the County, including six members of Congress, among other elected officials, community organizations, labor unions, and faith leaders, as well as endorsements from all three major newspapers. The full list of endorsers can be found here.

Throughout his campaign, Kaegi has refused to accept donations from property tax appeals lawyers doing business with the County—a pledge he will continue to honor if elected.

Since December, Kaegi campaign has aired five ads on broadcast and cable TV:

“A Fair, Honest System” (December 2017)

“Ashamed” (December 2017)

“Leading the Charge” (February 2018)

“The Government We Deserve” (March 2018)

“Berrios and the Vrdolyak 29” (March 2018)

On radio, Kaegi has aired three spots:

“A Message from Congressman Danny Davis” (December 2017)

“Kaegi Is Leading the Charge” (February 2018)

“Berrios and the Vrdolyak 29” (March 2018)

Kaegi adds, “I am incredibly proud of the campaign we have run, and humbled by the support we have received. Voters across Cook County have made their voices heard. We reject the old machine tactics of pay-to-play, nepotism, and corruption. We are ready to bring fairness, transparency, and ethics to the office of Assessor.”