Berrios skips Sun-Times Editorial Board meeting

CHICAGO (January 26, 2018)–Progressive Democrat Fritz Kaegi, candidate for Cook County Assessor, issued a statement on Friday in response to embattled incumbent Assessor Joe Berrios’ absence from the scheduled candidate interview session with the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board.  The statement follows:

“Assessor Berrios’ skipping of the Sun-Times editorial board meeting is another slap in face for Cook County taxpayers.  Berrios continues to dodge any opportunity–and he’s had plenty–to come clean about issues that have been plaguing his office for years.

“Under Berrios the system has punished working families, causing financial paralysis to homeowners in the South, West and Southland communities striving to stay afloat.

“The Editorial Board session today would have been a great opportunity for the Assessor to explain, directly to the voters, why he has failed them for so long.  Instead, he skipped out, just as he skipped last week’s hearing in front of the Cook County Board of Commissioners.

“On March 20, “No Show Joe” won’t be able to run and hide.  The voters of Cook County will hold him accountable for his dismal track record in office, and elect new leadership.  As Assessor, I will restore integrity, transparency and fairness to the assessment system and give the residents of Cook County a property tax system that they can trust.”