CHICAGO (January 4, 2018) – Fritz Kaegi, a progressive Democrat running for the Cook County Assessor’s Office, earned the endorsements of Chicago City Council Progressive Reform Caucus Chair Ald. Scott Waguespack (32) and State Rep. Will Guzzardi (D-Chicago) on Thursday, intensifying the momentum of Kaegi’s campaign to unseat incumbent Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios.

Ald. Waguespack said, “I’ve spent my career in City Council as a vigilant steward of Chicagoans’ tax dollars and a relentless advocate for progressive revenue options that ask the very wealthy and big corporations to pay their fair share in taxes. I am convinced now more than ever that our broken property tax assessment system is one of the single biggest hindrances to our ability to create a just and balanced budget. We need an assessor like Fritz Kaegi, who will put Cook County homeowners first–not campaign donors or property tax attorneys with deep pockets. Fritz is the kind of leader we can trust to fix the system and ensure the fairness and stability homeowners in Cook County need.”

“The problem with property taxes is simple: when rich people cheat the system, we all pay more to make up the difference. We need an assessor who will run the system fairly, who won’t cut special deals for the powerful and connected,” added Rep. Guzzardi. “Fritz Kaegi isn’t beholden to machine politicians or lobbyists — he’ll stop the corruption and run a fair office that works for all of us. I’m proud to endorse him for assessor, and I’m confident that he’ll look out for everyone in Cook County.”

Kaegi, a first-time candidate who has been endorsed by Congressman Danny K. Davis, Congresswoman Robin Kelly, Congressman Bill Foster as well as Cook County Clerk David Orr, Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia, and the grassroots progressive group Our Revolution Illinois, among others, said, “I am deeply honored to have two of the leading progressive Democrats in Cook County endorse our campaign for Cook County Assessor.  Rep. Guzzardi and Ald. Waguespack are great examples of progressive leadership in action, as evidenced by their unwavering commitment to fighting for fairness, ethics and transparency in local government.  As Assessor, I am committed to working with them to push the progressive agenda forward here in Cook County.”